Delta 58045 In2ition (Chrome) Review

After a long day at work, all you may long for is to indulge in a warm and relaxing shower. This experience will be much more improved if your tools work best for your needs, one of which is the shower itself.

If you currently have a poor shower at home, you may want to upgrade to a new and improved one for better experience.

The Delta In2ition Two-in-One Shower is what you would want in a shower and more. It is two-in-one because it features a combination shower head and hand shower.

Traditional showers usually work only as a built-in shower head, and the only setting available is the change in the volume of water it will release.

As compared to the usual simple showers, the Delta In2ition is much more flexible. It does not work as a small built-in shower head, but by merely detaching the hand shower on this filter, you will have maximum control over where you want to use it. This dual-functionality gives you maximum flexibility.


Key Features

  • Water flow control
  • 69 inch hose
  • Ideal for children and pets
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Rating


  • The 2-in-1 feature allows you to use water where you want it to be.
  • No need to install wall unions or wall bars that clutter up your shower wall.
  • Designed for easy installation.
  • Settings are very flexible to adjust to your needs.


  • Some buyers have reported that the handheld shower falls out very easily.
  • The water pressure may not be enough when using only the handheld part.
  • Some buyers have complained that the main control knob leaks.

You can arrange the settings to have water streaming from the showerhead only, the handheld sprayer just, or both the shower head and hand shower at once.

Because of this flexibility, not only that you can enjoy your own shower time, but it is also perfect to clean up your children or pets every day. Enjoy the ease of doing these things while at the same time being able to keep your shower or tub clean.


  • Flow rate – Max 2.50 GPM @ 80 psi, 9.5 L / min @ 550 KP (for 58045 model) and Max 1.75 GPM @ 80 psi, 6.6 L / min @ 550 KP (for 58065 model)
  • The integrated hand shower docks securely into showerhead when not in use
  • Includes 69 in. (1653nmm) ultra flex hose (59045) and 60 in. - 82 in. (1524 mm to 2083 mm) stretchable metal hose (58065)
  • Assembled dimensions - 11 in. H x 5-7 / 16 in. D x 6-27 / 32 in. W
  • Features a multi-spray settings and pause feature. The pause is a non-positive shut off
  • The diverter allows for single or shared operation of the showerhead and the hand shower
  • Incorporated with a backflow protection system which protects the water supply from contamination or pollution due to backflow. This feature has been tested and approved by regulatory bodies
  • This product incorporates two certified check valves in series. These valves operate independently and are integral, non-serviceable parts of the wand assembly.


  • Delta products come with a lifetime limited warranty on parts (other than electronic components and batteries) and finishes. If the same is used for commercial users, an assurance of 5 years is given from the date of purchase.
  • Meanwhile, electronic parts (other than batteries) are given a 5-year limited warranty. Is used for commercial users, the warranty gave us 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • No warranty will be provided on damaged batteries.

How Does it Work?


Delta 58045 In2ition Two-In-One Shower, Chrome

You don’t worry if you don’t have master plumbing skills. With the Delta 58045 In2ition Two-In-One Shower, you can install showers on your own. Their products are designed in such a way that it can be connected by any user with so much ease.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Clean up the empty tube/shower arm that is installed in the wall. This is where you are going to connect the shower head.

After cleaning, wrap the area by a Teflon tape to prepare this. The Teflon tape is included in the Delta package. Spin around maybe three to four times to completely wrap the area.

Step 2

Open the package, and you will find the shower head chrome that has an elongated tube connection.

Step 3

Connect the tip of the shower head tube to the shower arm wrapped with Teflon tape. Turn the shower head clockwise to lock it. Do this until the shower head is tightened to the wing.

Step 4

If you want to make sure the shower head is tightened to the arm correctly, you may use a pair of channel locks. Use an old rag to cover the shower head before applying the bolts to avoid scraping the head.

Step 5

Now that your shower head is already installed, what you will be needing next is to connect the hose to the end of the shower head.

Step 6

Connect the end of the hose and tighten it. Hand-tightening is good enough. Now one end of the tube is connected to the showerhead, and the other end should be connected to the shower handle.

You are now ready to use your shower.

Using the Shower 

Delta 58045 In2ition Two-In-One Shower, Chrome

This shower has simple knobs to change and control settings. Now that you have finished installing your shower, you can now test it.

  • To test your shower, first, turn the water on. Observe if the shower is working correctly by checking the water pressure and the amount of water released by the shower.
  • Remember that the shower works as a two-in-one tool; as a shower head and as a shower handle.
  • Notice the little handle or knob on the side of the intuition (located at the back of the shower head). If you turn the handle entirely to the left, the water operates on the shower head only.
  • Meanwhile, if you turn the handle upright and vertical, it changes the settings of the hand shower alone.
  • Now if you turn the handle entirely to the right, it operates both the shower head and the shower handle. This way the water comes out from both, so you can use both the shower head and the shower handle at the same time.
  • You can take out the hand shower and reach lower parts of your body in taking a bath. You can also use this to clean the children or your pets.
  • When finished, just merely dock the hand shower back into the shower head. The shower head is equipped with the Delta MagnaTite® Docking technology. This innovation works to pull it precisely into place and keeps it from falling off.

This product is designed with the Delta H2Okinetic technology. With this technology, each shower head and hand shower contain an internal system.

These are responsible for the speed, movement, and droplet size of the water, which creates the feeling of more water without using more water.

Moreover, its spray settings can be adjusted into different configurations such as Full Body spray, Fast Massage spray, Full Spray with Massage, and even Slow Massage spray.

This flexibility is perfect if what you long for is a relaxing shower after a long day at work.

This product also has a pause feature which allows you to do some other things while showering like shaving, lathering, or other shower tasks while maintaining temperature settings.


As easy as installation, this shower does not require a lot of effort and time to maintain. To clean, just wipe the shower gently with a damp cloth and blot dry with a soft towel.

Moreover, glass cleaner can be used on SS (Stainless) finish so you can remove fingerprints and maintain color match.

Although this product’s finish is extremely durable, it can also be damaged by harsh abrasives or polish. Hence be careful even in using and maintaining this shower.

Other Tips

  • The first time that you use your Delta In2ition Shower, the hose will be kinked a little bit. Don’t worry because it is normal. In no time it will loosen up and be more flexible to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I disable the pause button?

To activate or deactivate the Pause setting, just press the button in the center of the spray setting dial. Be sure to push firmly until it clicks.

  • Is the shower head made of diamond seal technology?

This product is made of both metallic and non-metallic parts, and not of the diamond seal.

  • Does Delta sell a flow restrictor compatible with this product to increase the flow of water for low-pressure service areas?

Delta does not manufacture a flow restrictor which works to produce a higher flow rate. There is a built-in restrictor in the shower. If this is removed, it will render the warranty void and further reduce the flow.

Wrap Up

Do not settle for traditional shower heads if you can have a better one which can bring you a better experience. The Delta 58045 In2ition Two-In-One Shower offers a different level of flexibility which you will not find easily on other products.

Not only that this product is flexible, but this shower also goes beyond what the norm by providing different settings and pressure. Easily adjust the shower to cater to your needs. Enjoy a product that goes beyond and above the normal. 

Our Rating