Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews

Freshwater is essential for human life every day. Water to drink makes for a healthy body. Without it, you won’t survive. Nevertheless, having water only cannot help you survive. The water has to be clean and fit for human consumption.

Remember that the colorless sparkling water we drink every day might however not be clean the way you see it.

Sometimes, the water has hard-to-see and unclean particles. You will definitely not try drinking such dirty water provided you are aware of the dirt that it carries.

The solution to dirty water that you can quickly carry out is the use of water filters. Water filters will soon improve your health through the clean water you drink every day. 

What To Consider When Purchasing A Countertop Water Filter

Any system of countertop water filtration is vital since it’s easy. There is no need going under your sink or for complicated plumbing or employ heavy equipment anywhere.

You need it to put on the right place on the pan and have it plugged into the pipeline, and a good drink is right there for you.


Give the water filter just enough space for it to sit comfortably somewhere. The filters have a place on your countertop rather than under the sink in the cabinet.

Water filters take up some space, but you have the purchase the one that is just enough for your area.


A more significant percentage of the inline units found here ( not those that appear like the Berkey and Zen) get connected to the nozzle of the faucet of the kitchen.

Then comes a hose going from the connector straight to the unit of the filtration unit. In case the artistic design is not appealing, then you choose between looking at the gravity systems or reevaluating a filtration system under-the-counter.


Installation is like a connection, and you need to ensure that your faucet comes with a nozzle that has an irreplaceable aerator on it. 

There can be faucet nozzles in the kitchen with a big shower kind of heads on them. Such can’t allow any countertop filter installation.

Replacement Filters

Getting access to necessary replacement filters is easy. However, remember that the unit you get is that which come with replacement filters in the market.

Additionally, the price of replacing the filters every year should be calculated into the cost of the operation.

Top Rated Countertop Water Filter Reviewed

1. The Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

It is with stainless top grade quality steel that the Big Berkey BK4X2 is manufactured. It comes 8.5 inches wide and 21 inches in height.

Every Big Berkey BK4X2  is big enough to carry about 2.25 water gallons. The design is made for home use.

Home of about 16 people is perfect for such a quantity of water. It is a water filter that comes with a big stainless housing, 2 fluoride elements, and 2 filters and that’s partially why it is in our list.

The way the Big Berkey product is constructed allows it to filter faucet water that is treated and raw lake water, rivers or secluded ponds.

In addition to dirt and particles that aren’t clean, the water filter is such that it can decrease the number of nitrates, as well as those other harmful minerals.

Minerals such as mercury and lead can affect your body negatively in a distant future, so working on reducing them in your water should be an inevitable endeavor.

Moreover, the filter is designed to be able to remove any cysts, bacteria, and parasites as well as a whole lot of dangerous processed chemicals.

They include pesticides and herbicides. It is a filter built with so much precision that it can filter food specifically, leaving out beneficial minerals in the water.

Nevertheless, in spite of all these benefits of the Big Berkey BK4X2, people still have some pitfalls they identify about some aspects of the product.

Although the advert mentions 16 people as the number it can provide for; it may not be for all those 16 of them at once.

Also, the filter is known to be small enough that a family can take it along portably for a picnic or camping. So, by interpretation, it is smaller in size and should always be programmed for frequent refills.

Next, in a month or two of use, the Big Berkey BK4X2 can sometimes change the taste of the water into a rusty metal-like taste and also featuring some white particle at its bottom.

That happens as a result of the filtering technology the water passes through. The best prevention is thorough cleaning which can sometimes be a hassle.


  • Portable size
  • Solid, effective filtering system
  • Can filter untreated water also


  • Small size
  • Needs regular cleaning
  • Produces a metallic water taste

Our Rating

2. Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration & Purification System

It is a water filter designed in options of 3 sizes. With it, you can purchase for 4 gallons or  6 gallons, or 8 gallons, depending on the number of people you have around you.

A great deal of the filter consists of BPA free plastic and is considered top choice in our list.

It is a water filter which comes with a filtration that is multi-stage, for example, filtering, mineralizing, purifying, preserving and alkalinizing.

The technology of this type makes the system to eliminate every impurity, chemicals, and any contaminant that render adverse effects your health when you drink water.

It is from ceramic that the filter is constructed. It is built to be able chloride removal and raising the primary level to give a better taste of the water.

These far-infrared ceramic balls get used a lot in alternative medicine to make the enzyme more active in the digestive tract.

They also are used to enhance memory function, blood pressure regulation, boosting metabolism, increase strength, as well as filter vitality making the product a top choice.

Nonetheless, this product has a couple of pitfalls that you have to note. The most relevant issue with this product is its inability to remove or filter water that is raw and untreated.

Most notably, it is advised to use on only treated tap water. It works excellent with fresh water if it's untreated.

Looking at the way the filter is constructed, it is cheap based on the plastic built. Assembling it is quite easy, but it can also without difficulty fall off when you move it.

Finally, a test was done on the filtered water access the amount or level of alkaline in it.

The expert results showed the absence of an any higher alkaline level. The alkaline level isn’t working the way the company advertises it. According to the company, ceramic balls are supposed to raise the soluble level.


  • More water in its large size
  • Able filter chemicals and impurities
  • Raises the level of alkaline for good health


  • Cheaply built with plastic
  • Cannot eliminate fluoride
  • Alkaline filter system sometimes does not work

Our Rating

3. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System

The water filter’s dimension is 12.3 inches x 9.4 inches x 7.6 inches. It is built to have a small and compact design, that you can move or carry wherever you go such for a picnic, trip or use comfortably at home. The small size makes it quite beneficial in space saving.

It is built with a sophisticated granular filter that comes multi-stage. The filter system comes designed such that it can easily remove impurities or contaminants from drinking water.

Moreover, other unsafe chemicals that are toxic to the human body also get deleted.

Such compounds are arsenic, pesticides, mercury and lead. Also, it removes fluoride and even chlorine, known for how harmful they are your health.

It has a technology filter known as Perfect Water Technologies. It is a system that can eliminate as much as 93 percent impurities, both chemicals, and physical ones.

The traditional method of the granular is similar to the interior of an anthill.

The construction is such that much water can pass through and not get filtered. To fix that problem, you can use this system by simply making installations of compression disks.

Install them at both the inlet and outlet and also between layers. That will even lead to filtration, without leaving out a lot of untreated water to go through.

The water filter has an issue which will happen when you will be changing the filter. After every three months, you can then turn the screen as per the recommendations.

These three months is a relatively short time applied to this water filter, unlike other countertop water filters.

Accordingly, you will require keeping 4 different filters to ensure that you have filters that work as expected.

Also, having 4 of the filters will help reduce the cost of running the system and make the product a good option. 

Furthermore, the fact that the filter is constructed to have only 3 stages makes it incapable of removing many minerals.

Also, these are solids that cannot be eliminated such as magnesium and calcium. They can just get dissolved into the water. 


  • Compact design
  • Eliminate impurities up to 93 percentage
  • Installed compression disks with Perfect Water Technologies


  • Changing filter after 3 months
  • Cannot eliminate lots of minerals

Our Rating

4. Countertop Drinking Water Filter Alkaline

With 12 inches by 4.5 by 4.5 inches dimension, this product comes slim and compact in design. It is therefore designed to be a portable water filter. It is a water filter that you can buy in as many as 6 different colors.

Thanks to the APEX company this revolutionary system of the filtering technology is in existence today.

It takes a filtration process of 5 stages through you can then get your water purified and made ready for consumption.

With that, impurities are amply eliminated, making water healthy for drinking.  Hence, no color, taste, smell and safety issues will exist again regarding the water.

In addition to making sure the dirty particles are eliminated, it is also built to improve the water’s taste. It does so by getting rid of the Chlorine as well as odor.

In the course of the purification, the product also balances the pH naturally to render the water not only a better taste but of a suitable health effect to your body chemistry.

Most importantly, the ability of the water filter to add the alkaline quantity in the water makes it quite essential.

Soluble water is beneficial in that it has what it takes to neutralize any acid found in the human bloodstream.

It also can improve metabolism and enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively.

In spite of having all these benefits, this filter does not function with its weaknesses. First of all, it comes in a pretty small size.

It is suitable for taking trips with since it's quite portable a water filter. Note that you may as well want but a screen that will suit the size of your family.

So, you will have to see if the size of your family corresponds with the daily use of the Countertop Drinking Alkaline Water Filter.

Despite how simple it is to assemble the filter once it arrives, it is quite hard to disassemble the screen when it's time to clean. Being difficult is one thing and being possible is another. It is only but difficult.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Improves water taste
  • Does neutralize pH level
  • check
    Alkaline level increase


  • Small size
  • Removing cleaning filter

Our Rating

5. Paragon Countertop Water Filter White

As a small-sized product of 12 inches x 4.3 inches x 4.1 inches dimension, it weighs 2 pounds only. The Paragon appears simple in design.

It’s not in any way complicated or fancy but more like a white tube. It is produced from BPA-free plastic. It can be installed straight to the faucet.

The product uses both a carbon block and titanium silicate technology filter.

The technology allows the water filter to be able to eliminate lead of up to 97%, giardia and cryptosporidium 99.9 %, VOCs like benzene and trihalomethanes from 95 to 99%. 

It’s also able to remove about 98% of chlorine, thereby purifying the water and giving it a better taste.

With free design maintenance, the lifespan of this filter is impressive and will go with 20,000 water gallons.

The paragon is built to last as long as from 5 to 10 years in use without the need to change the filter.

In spite of how good this product really is, there are points that you can think about twice before buying.

One minus point about this filter is that you can only use in to filter cold water. It is a condition that the product’s manufacturer is very keen on.

A weakness of this sort is definitely the deciding factor as to whether a customer will choose to buy this product or another.

Secondly, both the filtering system’s silicate and carbon block technology are another problem with this product.

Water filters that use this particular technology will have an issue of free carbon, causing the water to turn black for a short while before getting clear in the first usage.

However, this filter is to be used every time and not using it for a few days would result in problems of functionality.


  • Works with Titanium silicate and carbon block technology
  • Direct installation to the faucet
  • Removal of many unhealthy chemicals, impurities, and minerals
  • check
    No change of filter for up to 5 to 10 years


  • Works only with cold water
  • Water turns black in few days on losing carbon
  • Cannot eliminate fluoride

Our Rating

6. WaterChef C7000 Premium

The dimension of WaterChef is equal to 6.8 inches x 4.8 inches x10 inches. It is built to be compact and spaced. In a couple of minutes, you will be able to connect the system to the facet and needs no tools.

That implies that assembling the product or installing it is a pretty simple thing to do.

It is a product which comes with a system for filtering labeled Exclusive Big Block Filtration. The advertisement of the technology shows that it capitalizes on reducing several varieties of contaminants that are common in tap water.

As a top countertop water filter, the contaminants include Chlorine, benzene, lead, trihalomethanes,  chloramine, MTBE and VOCs. The product also works on removing parasites, cysts and harmful bacteria.

Most notably also is this smart technology that owners of the system enjoy. The water filter has a monitoring system that is intelligent enough to offer users an opportunity for guesswork.

As opposed to practices that provide timing monitors, here is a monitor that does measurements based actually on how the filter is used.

That helps stop the user from discarding a cartridge before the right time.

Each of the cartridges is able to filter water to the volume of 1,000 gallons. Some families take about a year before finishing the 1,000 gallons of filtered water.

That implies that it doesn’t take that much extra spending to change the filters.

You will also experience a product that offers a generational warranty which means there is no need for bothering when the product breaks.

However, the leaking problem is so big that it’s something to be bothered about. Having a direct installation is quite easy.

Nevertheless, the obstacle of water leakage when running from the faucet to the filter is an issue that needs addressing. A difficulty of leakage like this comes with the waste of water, and it’s quite irritating.

Moreover, this is a water filter that is not strong enough to eliminate fluoride.


  • Direct installation to the faucet
  • Can eliminate lots of impurities, minerals, and chemicals
  • Comes with an intelligent monitoring system
  • check
    Long lasting cartridge before changing
  • check
    Comes with a warranty that is a lifetime


  • Water leakage, running from the faucet to filter.
  • Cannot remove fluoride

Our Rating

7. Brondell H2O+ Cypress

Here is a product that is built with an 11.5 inches x 11 inches x 4.25 inches dimension. If you make a comparison with several other designs of countertop water filters, you will see that this Brondell water filter is of an extraordinarily elegant design.

This means it deserves a spot in the 7 Different Types Of Countertop Water Filter list. However, a small product and can even be directly close-fitted straight up to the water faucet.

It takes about 99% faucet for standard kitchens featuring a multiplicity of different kinds of adapters. Within 10 minutes and you will have finished the installation.

It will have water running from the filter to the faucet continuously without leaving some of the water in the system.

That means no water leakage occurs which is excellent for the screen.

The Brondell water filter comes with a water filtration system that is 3 stage and includes 3 separate highly sophisticated filters.

Its patent of the technology is the nanotrap. The ability of the system is such that it can very well decrease industrial chemical, herbicides, pesticides, turbidity and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). 

The Brondell water filter also has what it takes to remove lots of toxic chemicals that include chloride and benzene.

Such removal brings about healthy tap water for your household as well as a better taste of the water from this water filter.

However, some problems characterize the negative aspects of the way this product’s design. One of them is the cost price in the distant future.

The cartridge filter is designed to function normally for up to about 150 gallons. Provided you use up to 2 to 3 gallons each day, it will take barely 2  to change it.

That is how you can keep a standard and healthy water quality for yourself and family as promised by the producer of the product.

So, this means each year you can exhaust up to 6 and above filters the quantity will increase.

The filter is sort of a burden for buyers in that changing filters is not free and therefore adds on to the already expensive countertop water filters, unlike cheap ones in the market. 

Are you looking for an extraordinary design? Forget the price tag and go for this model. It’s worth having. But also you may need to reconsider buying it if you are keen on budgeting.


  • Elegant design
  • Of Nanotrap technology
  • No wastage of water
  • check
    Easy to assemble and fits standard kitchen faucet up to 99%


  • The necessity to change the filter regularly
  • Expensive in comparison with similar products

Our Rating

FAQ Questions

People are hooked to different routines and needs each day.  When looking for quality water filters, people are looking for something different as we have read about.

Water filters come different or with slightly different specifications and quality from which we can sort out the strengths and weaknesses.

Most importantly, you are supposed to do some research and determined come out with clear weaknesses that you can either consider or not consider to live with.

Perfect countertop water filter systems don’t really exist. Nevertheless, good quality water filters do exist among the varieties of filters in the market.

Take a look at these questions that you need to answer before choosing any water filter that impresses you in the market.

Is the water filter for you alone or you and your family?

If this filter is for your entire family, then ask them the quality and type of water filter they will like you to purchase.

What quantity of water is enough for your everyday use?

If your use of water is just a bit each day, then it is better for you to get a water filter that is meant to be changing its filter following the recommended time rather than changing the gallons of the used water.

Is the design something that you have time for?

If you are in need of not only an attractive filter but also a functional filter, then you can get exquisite and eye-catching designs.

How frequently do you think buying a new filter could be something you would be doing for your system?

It is actually about the money and the effort that you are willing to invest in tour water filter system. Checking the price of the filter for earlier calculations and estimation is a great way to start.

Where are you going to be using the filter system? At home or in other places since it will, therefore, be portable?

The size of the filter you are looking to buy is what the answer to this question is about. 

Moreover, if you prefer the filter to be portable as well as able to filter raw and untreated water, you will need to note that.

Are there any aspects of the water you drink now that needs some improving? 

Does it taste right? Or does it appear blurry some of the time? Do you know that water has toxic? Some filters can’t even filter enough.

For example, a small number of water filters is not able to eliminate fluoride in that already treated water.

How Countertop Water Filters Work

man using water filter

The counter water filter system is a better way of not going through the expense of installing those big and complicated water filtering systems in your basement or rooftop.

These filters are less expensive and easy to handle and also work quite efficiently to generate the best of clean and healthy water for your body.

They are easy to install and can be established by everyone since the procedures are simple to understand and follow even by non-professionals. Their portability is a significant advantage they offer

Countertop Water Filter Installations?

Countertop water filters most come with a diverter valve used in replacing the faucet’s aerator. It is this one part of the device that needs installing.

You start by screwing the aerator off of the original kitchen faucet and also on the diverter valve of the filter. In case of special instructions, the manual will have them mentioned. That is how the installation happens.

It is not difficult to operate a filter. It’s quite effortless. Turning on the faucet is something that needs to be done.

With this technology, water does not just come out straight from the tap, but incomes and then goes through the filter’s diverter.

However, rather than being released straight away from the faucet, it will instead pass in the filter’s diverter.

Beside, into the filter’s housing will come the water on its way through the system cartridge for filtering.  

Finally, clean filtered water will ooze out from the spout out of the water filter.

Turning the water off isn’t completed for you just have to do the turning off like on the kitchen faucet as usual. 

counter top water filter serving water

As the best countertop water filter, there aren’t any complications regarding the water filter system or how to handle it.


Water is life. Clean, healthy water for the body is an inevitable source of good health. If you drink unclean water which means unhealthy water, then you are taking in millions of unseen toxic, harmful chemicals or impurities.

As you live on, those hazardous substances will continue to wreck your body until cancer or another disease silently will become the effect. Avoid any water that is blurry, toxic, or that tastes metallic.

If the water you drink isn’t spotless and healthy for human consumption, then do not drink.

Suspecting that water is not clean is good enough reason not to drink it because it will be an irreversibly dangerous move if it has unseen toxins.

You and your family’s health is more important than any other thing you are looking for.

To buy the best countertop water filter for your family, you need to follow this guide and do more research about the importance of good drinking water.